Family Business Advisors
No Problems ... only Challenges! 

As a family business Jim and Ann Marie have the unusual ability to be able to sit next to the families in understanding and easily relating to the many challenges facing families in business. 

“I wanted to write to let you know how your expert guidance has helped us make personal decisions as well as shown us the way to take our company to the next level in efficiency & professionalism.  We look forward to continuing to work with you, utilizing your vast business knowledge and experience to increase our company's profitability in order to grow our company into an industry leader.”
         Mike Marburger,
      Insight Pipe Contracting


"I truly believe more family businesses could  benefit from the services t
he two of you provide.  If family businesses focus soley on the business and expect the family relationship to always take a back seat, they will eventually find themselves in a situation that they can't (and shouldn't) handle on their own.  Feel free to use me as a reference as I often sing your praises.

Susie Beardsley - Partner

Quality Life Services

Tack Family -
Quality Life Services

Personal and business integrity, values and ethics are part of who we are. We will always work for the best interest of our client families. We have pledged in writing to the Institute of Management Consultant to abide by their Code of Ethics. Our adherence to the Code signifies voluntary assumption of self-discipline above and beyond the requirements of law. Our Code of
Conduct includes issues that are influenced by our personal values.

Jim & Ann Marie Kwaiser

Kwaiserism:  "A key to "Family First" is lack of self"

Each family business is unique.  There is no one solution that works for everyone.  We consul each family in business to discover the process and
the solutions that are the right fit for their family and their business.  We     believe that love in the family can overcome all obstacles.

The ultimate goal of the Kwaisers is to provide each member of your         family business with a safe haven.  A safe way to express your thoughts, feelings and opinions concerning your family and family business.
   Our Services Include:

   Succession Planning -- A planned process of planning for future
   ownership, of either family or non-family, of the business.
   assistance with buy and sell, business transfer and/or succession
   agreements and more.

   Transition Planning -- Identifying the right people for the right positions for
   the successful transition of leadership and management.  Targeted
   benchmarks including a process of career path development. 

   Communication Enhancement -- A process to identify specific techniques
   for enhancing communication, reducing conflict and growing relationships.
   Appropriate structure and agendas for meetings of families, owners and
   management can also be included as part of the communication process.

   Organizational/Operational Development -- Practical advice on operational
   issues to improve revenue, profitability and company culture. Organizational
   chart development, job descriptions and other employee programs may   
   be part of this process.

   Strategic Initiative -- Raising the bar on Strategic Planning.  It involves the
   entire company involved in the development and implementing NEW  

   ideas and processes with accountability and follow-through
   emphasis is on implementation.

   Talent Assessments and Leadership Development -- Assessments for next
   generation development, management and new hire selection and promotion
   opportunities and identifying areas for future development.

           What Makes Jim and Ann Marie's Consulting Services Different?

m and Ann Marie Kwaiser of C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E.S. are different from the
  many companies who call themselves
"Family Business Consulting Firms."  
The Kwaisers are one of a select few of consultants who not onlwork
families in business and they are a familbusiness. They
  understand the personal, emotional and business challenges that being a
  member of a family business will bring.  Because of this, they
offer, tailored,
personalized service producing results within months not years.  T
  Kwaisers have worked successfully in, with and for many hundreds of
  families in businesses, in the U.S. and England, for
over four decades.

and Ann Marie Kwaiser of C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E.S. use a flat fee system to
ensure clients will not be surprised with unbudgeted feesThey don't sell
estate plans, accounting services, or have any hidden agenda
"lockyou into "program." Because of this philosophy, Jim and Ann
  Marie do not sign contracts as they never
want you to feel "stuck" in a
  situation that 
is not a fit for the family.  We also don't want families to feel
  obligated if it
is discovered that the timing is just not right or some of the
  family members are just not ready to "tackle" these challenging issues.  By
not signing contracts the Kwaisers have the flexibility to remove themselves
from a situation when the family may not be ready, or committed to move
forward with the process.

  Jim and Ann Marie stress a "Family First" philosophy. They use an
focusing on solid family relationships as the foundation of
family and business success. Jim and Ann Marie believe in assisting families
  in a way that is in the best interest of the entire family and not just one
  individual. Jim and Ann Marie know how
to include all generations of the
  family business in the process in an objective manner.  The whole family is

  important and all strategies will be used to keep the family together and the
  business growing and profitable.

  The Kwaisers have a process that can identify the challenges, find the right
  answers and do it in a timely, cost effective way that will "fit" the budget of
  any family business.  Contact Jim and Ann Marie and discover if their
  services are a "fit" for your family and business. 

                      Jim Cell: 724-301-1255 - AnnMarie's Cell:
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