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  C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E.S. is a trusted family business consulting firm with over
  40 years of objectively guiding entrepreneurial families in
discovering the right strategies to their personal and business
  challenges. Our goal is to enable the family to strengthen their
  interpersonal relationships and improve the business results.

  We are objective and impartial, working for the best interest of the entire
  family and NOT for any one individual.  

  We have been called a SAFE HAVEN where families in business can address
  and find solutions to the personal and business challenges they face when
  working and/or living together.  Some of the issues that have been resolved
Conflict - Family and Business
Family Rules and Roles
Boards - Family, Advisors and/or Directors
Succession Planning
Operational and Organizational Strategies
Strategic Planning Facilitation
Meeting Facilitation - Family, Owners, Manager
Coaching - Spouse, Company Leaders, Next Generation

Assistance with By-Laws, Agreements etc.
Referrals for Legal, Accounting & other services
Accountability and Responsibility
Human Resource Issues:
Talent Management
          Hiring Assistance, Assessments, Training,
          Developing, Evaluation and more. 

   We have a proven process of BLENDING personal and business issues in
    order to achieve the results that are in the best interest of the Family and the

   Contact us and let's discover if we are a "fit" for your family and business. 
                                             It costs nothing to meet.

                                    Contact us by calling  724-475-2841
                              Ann Marie Kwaiser  Cell - 724-301-1254 
                              Jim Kwaiser    Cell - 724-301-1255 

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